This sister company of DHL needed to incorporate courier service throughout Belize. Rather than invest in special courier equipment/gear, an application and new process would be a better, more efficient approach.


As an alternative courier service, we needed to create a mobile platform to make the transaction easier for both the consumer and the company - scheduled deliveries to save time and money.


The application optimizes the use of time, resources and personnel. Consumers are also able to track their delivery online, so that both the company and the clients know where their fleet and cargo are at all times. It also allows consumers to sign for a delivery through the app.


They have an ever-growing consumer base; the word is spreading on their methodology and quality service. It has established itself as a courier service that can compete with the bigger companies and excel in their service, taking advantage of technology for a more personalized service.


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Gerard Sanchez

CEO & Founder Crediguru

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