Hunger has been known to cause a great variety of reactions in people, but patience is not one of those reactions. Therefore, a complicated interface for a fast food franchise guarantees that users will grow frustrated and vent their aggravation by consuming a competitor’s product. Phone calls are now considered the last-resort when it comes to a service, and our task was to ensure that our client was in the forefront of customer demand.


Our process encompassed delving into the company history and food strategy. We focused on ensuring a simple user experience, prominent food content, minimal text, and quick access to locations and pictures of the available food items. This allowed us to realize that we could optimize the service by letting consumers customize their food items.


Our design is straightforward, to match the needs of users that will undoubtedly appreciate the lack of complications in their quest for food - our interface keeps visitors focused on their appetite and guarantee to satiate that hunger. After all, we eat with our eyes first, and our mouths second. We put the user in the driver seat seeing all food options along with available locations to choose from. Further, we used social media to field questions and interaction with great success.


Since the launch of the mobile app, the food orders have tripled. We are proud of having made fast food even faster through quick access and easy ordering. We are happy, our client is happy, and the consumers are definitely less hungry.


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Gerard Sanchez

CEO & Founder Crediguru

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