People associate credit, finance and bank loans, as headaches, complications and potential damnation. Crediguru is a very useful tool for people to know the perks and risks of different institutions and a way to find the best options that benefit their personalized, financial needs. The problem is to not enough exposure to make consumers aware that this tool exists and our job was to make sure that the advantages were conveyed clearly for potential consumers to see the benefits of Crediguru.


The goal was to make the brand approachable and friendly. The prospect of assessing financial decisions can be overwhelming, the task here was to simplify both the process and how the information is displayed. We even added a little chat-guru to ask questions and assist in financial planning.


By creating an algorithm based on a consumer’s interests, crediguru is able to assess the kind of goals that each person desires and sets to work accordingly. Whether it’s owning a home, or saving for a trip around the world, this information is gathered and illustrated to help the customer know Crediguru can work toward their goals. It even assist in filling out necessary form for clients to apply for loans, credit card or financial program of their choosing.


Simpler, clearer design illustrates the pros and cons on cards, bank accounts and lending institutions. Consumers will have access to all that comparable information in one place. Our little guru is now helping many people with their finances and making us proud.


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Gerard Sanchez

CEO & Founder Crediguru

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