The sales team desperately needed a tool that would allow easy-access to the necessary information that would allow them to close a sale, reach agreements and generate interest. The current process was unorganized, time-consuming and unorganized.


The key was to identify problems that our client may not have realized we could solve. By studying their needs closely, we were able to anticipate ways of improving their performance by creating a tool that would know their precise needs. We did this by centralizing all the sales information, and organizing it in a way that our client could use intuitively instead of having to go through trainings or tutorials. We feel that making the platform easy to use, would allow for it to be seen as helpful support rather than a tiresome task, and thankfully, we were very right.


We created an easy access, standard multi-language platform that would visualize the most updated information for the sales team, as well as documents and presentations that would carry through the consistency of the brand. Our mobile platform also showcases corporate news and relevant information to optimize our delivered product into a tool that goes beyond performing necessary functions and into a crucial instrument that is constantly providing aid to our client through different functions.


Our tool is now widely integrated throughout the company, with a much wider adoption than what our client had initially anticipated. It is slowly becoming an increasingly indispensable tool with various internal uses.


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Gerard Sanchez


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