The way people get their news is changing and moving towards convenience. There has been a rise in information divulged through social media and online outlets, while decreasing sales of printed news. La Hora wants to be on the vanguard of this new frontier of consumer engagement, our task was to make them read La Hora in the way they didn’t even know they wanted yet. We wanted to make a difference between our mobile app and those available from other news outlets, which mostly were copies of the website. The focus was to provide a different experience allowing our client to take advantage of the wide range of readership available through a digital medium.


News has two critical factors which determine engagement: headlines and pictures. We ensured that each topic was easy to navigate and that the colors properly highlight the stories, more importantly, we created a way to save a person’s interests through topic. Our research showed that most people read at night, so we provided an optional black background for nighttime reading, as well as the capacity to make the font bigger.


There is a unique app design, optimized for app browsing, allowing for a different functionality than the website itself. Aside from the different features mentioned previously, we have also added notifications, and created a sector for Guatemalans abroad called Voz Migrante, providing specific content of interest to people living out of the country, such as consulate services.


Since the launch of the mobile app, readership of La Hora has multiplied and reached a broader audience than anticipated.


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Gerard Sanchez

CEO & Founder Crediguru

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