Data management is tricky when dealing with law, especially considering the degree of safety required for the information handled. This client was looking to provide an effective way of keeping track of legal documents, which is an ongoing issue for law practitioners. Tyto noticed an imperative need for an effective way of organizing documents that would allow both protection and prevent the loss of revenue from expiration dates; or lack of follow-up with important cases.


Due to the difficulty in organizing legal documents in an efficient way, we made it a priority to ease this process in making a clear interface that would allow for information to be stored securely while also adding several features that would permit the administrator to set-up alarms, notifications, quick-access, contact information, updates, as well as any other relevant information related to the legal documents stored. The design is clear, simple and user-friendly, making it a relief to use as well as incredibly useful in the practice of law.


Our solution integrated high-security cloud storage with alarms and notifications that will allow lawyers to send updates to their clients with relevant information about any document they are handling. They are also able to grant various degrees of permission to clients and collaborators to view or modify documents while always being under the supervision and control of the administrative user.


The outcome is not only useful, but also fun and engaging, with a brand design of an owl, a mascot that not only gives invitation to magical schools, but is also a symbol of wisdom. Our philosophy for this platform is that it’s better to work smarter than harder, and that Tyto will provide an easy way to do this.


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Luis Mendez

CEO & Founder Tyto

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